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The development is still in its early stages but it could be complete in three years. Stem-cell therapy involves obtaining processed tissue from animal embryos, fetuses, or organs that are injected into a patient.

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Last week the scientific world was abuzz with the news that adult stem cells could be used to regenerate tissues and cure diseases. This week, the political world is abuzz with the news of President Bush’s veto of Congressional legislation and his own alternative Executive Order for Expanding Approved Stem Cell Lines in Ethically Responsible Ways. While the Usual Suspects are busy denouncing Bush for being anti-science, the media debate completely obscures the economic interests at stake.

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Two consumer groups have filed comments with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office supporting its rejection of human embryonic stem cell patent claims asserted by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) because the claimed advances are obvious in the light of previous stem cell research, the groups said today.

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President Bush has, for the second time, vetoed a bill which would provide federal funds for expanded stem cell research. As he vetoed the legislation on June 20 Bush said, "America is a nation founded on the principle that all human life is sacred. And our conscience calls us to pursue the possibilities of science in a manner that respects human dignity and upholds our moral values."

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President Bush's latest veto of a bill to fund stem cell research that destroys embryos and his order to support ethical experiments might be seen one day as part of the "beginning of the end" of the controversy, a pro-life bioethics specialist has said.

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This week's events

7th Annual Somatic Cell Therapy Symposium

Dates: September 26, 2007 - March 28, 2007

Presented by International Society for Cellular Therapy
Venue: Hyatt Regency Bethesda Hotel

36th Annual Meeting ISEH Society for Hematology & Stem Cells

Dates: September 28, 2007 - September 30, 2007

Presented by the International Society for Experimental Hematology
Venue: Congress Center Hamburg


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